Feels Like the First Time

It’s been about two months since we have practiced yoga asanas and I emphatically concur with my daughter’s sentiment, “My body feels broken!” My arms and legs feel like jelly and I’m a little light headed.  My body didn’t seem to recognize the asanas; didn’t want to move into the positions with the ease and grace that I had once found in my yoga practice. And yet again, the strain of Adho Mukha Svanasana (downward-facing dog) pervaded my body, but I stretched my way through it and kept the pose (both times). 

More than the physical challenges, today’s yoga has created an odd emotional reaction as well. Today’s yoga practice was about recommitting, not just to yoga but to myself; making my well being a priority and that commitment brings tears to my eyes and makes my heart tingle.


Why the tears? Yoga is powerful stuff! Finding my way back to my mat after these last two months has proven to be so overwhelming, both physically and emotionally, that I guess I needed a quick, accessible outlet for it. You’d think that yoga would be a good outlet, given the circumstance, but that just made it more overwhelming, and more tearful. For me it’s a psychological release. Tears are a quick and easy outlet for any strong emotion that I have.

My tingling heart… that is the only way I know how to express the overflowing joy and sheer happiness that yoga brings to me. It’s both satisfying and fulfilling. Which is why I am so frustrated with myself for not being able to stay committed to it because I seriously need this kind of centering and grounding in my life. 


Like massage therapy, yoga allows your body let go of stress. The last few months have been an emotional roller-coaster, you know… that whole, “If it’s not one thing, it’s your mother…” kind of roller-coaster. **Love ya, mom** It seems quite apparent I had been letting the stress and emotion build up, and today’s practice allowed me to release some of it.


Yoga With Adriene is all about “Finding What Feels Good”, but today I learned that my own personal yoga practice is also about letting go and finding emotional balance. As I write this, I feel that I am no longer hesitant to allow my emotional well being to be influenced by my yoga practice. Instead, I am eager for yoga to act as a deeper, therapeutic treatment of my stress and emotional build-up. Letting it gently slough away layers of stress and cleanse my soul of the emotional toxins that have been left behind.