Commitment Issues

I’m not sure if I have commitment issues or if I’m just lazy.  Seriously. My house is only half tidy. I have 3 unfinished books that I am half attempting to read. I haven’t seriously blogged in nearly 2 weeks. 

I am IN LOVE with yoga, but I fell off that wagon about a month ago. Well, honestly, it feels more like I was pushed. My body aches and I feel beaten. I feel like a yoga-loser. Like a failure. I swear I am not having any kind of pity party here, I am seriously wondering if I am cut out for the level of commitment it takes to do this. 

Months ago I signed up with (read: paid for) Yoga With Adriene’s online yoga class, ReBoot-29 Day Yoga Experience (4 full-length videos). MONTHS AGO… *letcha in on a

little secret* I haven’t done it. I tried it, once. I felt so lame because the videos for ReBoot went faster and were longer than her YouTube videos. So little ol’ me just stuck with the easy videos that she posted for free, on-line. 

And now my beloved, Find-What-Feels-Good, yoga instructor is offering yet another online class. EMPOWER. This new class will be an intermediate, power-yoga class. And she is offering it on discount, ahead of schedule, to her faithful ReBooters. **Sshhhh….she doesn’t know that I am not as faithful as all the others** 

Truth is I don’t deserve to be in this class. Hell, I’m not even ready to be in this class. But at the moment, as I read up on all my other Rebooter friends that have signed up for this class, I feel like the kid who just flunked PE for lack of attendance. **Ouch!**

But let’s, for the time being, forget about ReBoot, the ReBoot Kula (community), EMPOWER, all my yoga friends, and forget  *gods forgive me!*  all about Adriene, the Yoga Goddess… because my yoga journey is just that, mine. Unfortunately, I am currently stuck in my own proverbial puddle of mud. Good news is I am acknowledging 

that puddle and now I am able to actively work towards a viable solution. I need to recommit to my yoga practice. I need to dig deeper and figure out how to find my way back to the heart of the Yogi in Me. 
Thank you for reading and Namaste.

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